Here is my guide to the new Spring 2017 outdoor furniture lineup!

My absolute favorite part of getting into the new interior design spring season is when the outdoor furniture lines come out. Really – I get super excited. The new dining setups, lounge seating, and beautiful photos remind me that perfect weather is right around the corner! Since most of my life I lived in Seattle, the 3 months of sun that we got for pretty much the entire year invited me to spend all of that time out in the fresh air. I really felt the benefits of soaking up the sun and enjoying the rare Seattle blue skies. I would always keep my window open, crawl out on the roof to read, and spread out my summer homework on the patio table. Now that I live in Colorado, the weather is sunny and beautiful a lot of the time! I love taking advantage of spending as much time as I can outside. And one day, when we have bought our own house, making a comfortable and inviting place to spend time outside is one of my number one goals.

Transforming your outdoor space into something special invites everyone to spend more time out in the open air, and in good weather, being outside is still one of my favorite places to be. Though outdoor furniture is definitely considered a luxury, and usually has a higher price point to prove it, it can definitely transform your space through the mere invitation of sitting by the fire pit, or having dinner at your patio table. It is a constant reminder of the potential of spending time outside: the more you love it, the more likely you are to use it.

Another bonus: since it is so early in the season – everything is on sale right now!

Source: Refreshed Take on the Gable Shines in Austin’s Building Boom

Al Fresco” is an amazing Italian phrase which means “in the open air.” You may have heard this phrase in relation to dining outside specifically – maybe back in 2007 when “Al Fresco dining” was becoming a huge trend – but I love thinking about this idea of turning your lifestyle to the outdoors when the weather turns brighter. Many modern houses have a covered outdoor patio, or place specifically designed for spending time outside. Making this a special place to gather your family, spend time in community, or just enjoy the nice weather will invite you to join that “Al Fresco” lifestyle. Besides, sun is really good for you.

Here are some of my favorite companies, whose new spring lines have unfolded recently. I’ve put some seating areas together, to capture the feel (and show off my favorite pieces) of each of them. I decided to stick with a mint/aqua color scheme throughout all of these, so you could really see the differences between each company, and their amazing furniture pieces.

First off: Article.



Article is a great modern furniture company that specializes in cutting out the middle man to save you money. They also have a flat shipping cost for your whole order no matter where you live in the US and Canada. Their new summer line is definitely focused on materials, bringing you amazing looking washed wood, solid teak, casual steel, and heavy iron. I like how they really focus on making their pieces look like they truly belong outdoors, and they choose to focus on dining furniture, rather than split their efforts between a bunch of different collections and styles.



The brightness of the chairs, and the driftwood look of the main table and work table definitely feel like summer is coming. I also always love to have a little table by my patio table to hold condiments, or just put things on that you don’t want on your main table, but still need to access. An outdoor work table can act as a console table to help serve food buffet style, or keep drinks on, and a knitted pouf brings texture and a laid back feel to the space.

ATG Stores

0-f95be01e58fe8a4bc20db3d2ac9b15eb (1)

At ATG Stores, you can pretty much find any style of furniture you want, for a wide range of prices. As Lowe’s home store, they have amazing connections to some of the best furniture companies out there, which give them the flexibility to offer so many options. And – as a Lowe’s affiliate – their focus on outdoor furniture and decor is evident.


I started with a great green trellis rug (I love how trendy green is right now) and then found slick modern lounge chairs. I love the idea of having 4 chairs surrounding a fire pit – what a great spot to just sit and catch up with people you care a lot about! This fire pit has a large rim for setting glasses down, and an aged finish that looks like it is just meant to belong in your backyard. A garden stool takes the place of a side table to add a bright finish, and a tilt-able umbrella means that you can be outside even on the brightest of days. A simple seating area for the gathering of friends.



Crate & Barrel is the parent of CB2, but they have really defined their own identity through their affordable, ultra-chic modern design. They are good at mixing bright metals, delicate lines, and simple shapes. They have a lot of really great links on their website, whether it is looking through their trends section, shopping through their lookbook, or always appreciating their inspiring guest designers – so it is always fun to just shop around on their website! They always have unique pieces at great prices, and their new outdoor line parallels perfectly with their company style and philosophies.



This larger seating area is grounded with an ombre colored rug and white, round coffee table. A chaise style outdoor sectional without arms keep the space feeling nice and open, and the gray neutral color keeps the color from feeling overwhelming. The black chair adds a little punch, while the white cushions draw the whole space together. Planters and lanterns add the final touch.


CB2’s dining collections is smaller than their lounge seating collection, but they have some great outdoor dining chairs, in many different materials and styles. This surprisingly tame dining table has such a warm tone, and the mint chairs just add to the simple feel – just like a breath of fresh air. I included a little pattern in my little side table, just to make the whole space feel more relaxed.

West Elm


West Elm‘s style changes from season to season, changing perspectives, patterns, materials, and colors throughout their collections to keep their brand interesting, and line up with current trends and customer’s points of view. One thing that doesn’t change, though, is their commitment to the environment, to handmade pieces, and their focus on art and local makers. Their outdoor collection reflects the more classic West Elm furniture lines, even reflecting some of their sofa lines.




The urban lines and bold, urban black and white pattern is softened by the soft mint color, and the taupe of the concrete, wood, and wicker. A low wood coffee table keeps the whole seating area feeling modern and open, while the chairs add a relaxed feel to what could be a stuffy outdoor sofa. Keeping the side table simple allows the amazing chairs to stand out, and the pillows add the final touch.


Two different dining chairs, and although they are different materials and different colors, their similar shapes connect them. The bright blue connects to the table, which has an amazing tile mosaic, and the cushion just makes it way more comfortable. The summery wood brings a soothingness to the bright color, and the new meets the old in this dining setup.

World Market


The company that happily supplies me with my Kinder Happy Hippo cookies and my favorite desk decor, has an pretty amazing collection of furniture. World Market‘s outdoor furniture is focused on creating a casual environment with bohemian touches, tropical materials, and matching sets to make an amazing space. They also have amazing lanterns to decorate your space, along with gardening supplies, a cool collection of outdoor rugs, and other decor.


The soft mint and blue alongside the warm tones of wood and accents of white keep this space bright and friendly, but the rug adds a casual feel, bringing the space all together. A storage side table adds some flexibility, and two accent tables acting in the place of a coffee table surface allows the space to feel open and inviting. The low bench in the back is a real space saver and two matching chairs, with matching decorative pillows, keeps the space a little more dignified.

Shopping for outdoor umbrellas at World Market is one of the easiest processes ever. They only have 2 sizes – 9 foot and 5 foot – and their canopies, frames, and work together – if you get the right size! They also have some great canopies, in long lasting fabrics, in both solids and patterns, and with adorable edgings too.



This dining area combines different tones of wood to create an earthy, peaceful spot to relax as the sun goes down. The washed wood of the table gives a little bit of a beachy vibe, and the umbrella keeps with that theme. The chairs give a little more of a casual feel, and the gray woven back and brighter wood keeps them the focus.

Serena & Lily


I LOVE the style at Serena & Lily! Their furniture and decor can make it feel like you are on vacation every day – even in your own home – so their outdoor furniture line is definitely going to feel fresh, relaxing, and cool. Though I wouldn’t normally, I embrace a more beachy side of my personality whenever I visit their website, and I constantly use their bedding and pillows for my client’s projects. Their rugs inspire me with their patterns and textures, and their pieces are airy, light, and bright. Serena & Lily is the place to shop if you want your home to feel like you step right off of the beach into your living room.


I picture this great seating area under a porch or a covered patio. Because of the hanging bench, this will define the space really well, while allowing larger pieces of furniture to make the whole seating arrangement feel more intimate. The matching side table and coffee table brighten up the space, and all the white and blue make the space feel put together and airy. I love the little teak stools – they come in a bunch of fabrics – and can hold a cute stacks of towels or blankets, put your feet up on, or act as flexible seating.

Hanging a seat in your space can make the whole area feel more relaxed! The one thing to remember is to hang the bottom of the seat at the same level as your other seating. That way, it feels more inviting, and is still incorporated with the rest of your arrangement.

Williams Sonoma Home

logo-5f49b9ede9fa5551b562e2b78feef0513a12c033 (1)

I love walking into the mall at Christmas time and getting those Williams Sonoma samples as I shop for Christmas presents. Now, Williams Sonoma owns Pottery Barn and West Elm, along with all of their affiliates, but I especially love Williams Sonoma Home. They have incredibly high end furniture collections, and really beautiful pieces. Their outdoor lines reflect this, and even their wicker pieces are inspiring enough to make me (almost) love wicker myself. Their chaise lounges are poolside ready, and they have some of the largest seating setups in outdoor furniture right now, so if you have a large area (and a large budget), Williams Sonoma Home is where to shop first.


A great concrete coffee table kicks this look off, bringing in a cool gray, and an interesting texture. A teak sectional brings warmth to the whole space and draws attention to the larger seating area, but the black chair and its ottoman adds some weight to the space. Bright pillows bring summer colors and pattern.



I like Arhaus for the opposite reason I like Article – their furniture looks almost like it could belong in your living room, and you can customize a lot of their furniture with outdoor fabrics. Some of their pieces also come from their “revivals” collection, which are reproductions of historic furniture pieces. They are so well made, that they’re heavy enough to survive a storm – with real stone, old beams, concrete – it’s serious stuff.


I absolutely love the outdoor swivel chair they have, shaped like a clever circle, with a little back to lean against, and covered in whatever Sunbrella fabrics you want. And yes, the sofa and arm chair you see here is really outdoor furniture! Amazing right. The vintage inspired shape keeps your patio feeling classy, the slipcover makes it easy to clean up, and the Sunbrella fabric keeps it around a long time. And yes, Sunbrella is by far the best and comfiest outdoor fabric in my opinion – always the perfect thing to splurge on.


Teak is often used as a main outdoor furniture material because of its moisture resistance and its natural insect repellence. After a while, it also develops a beautiful gray patina. These chairs and table are the perfect place to sit and enjoy the good weather outside. I love the patterns on the back of these chairs, and the wide width and cushions allows for comfort so you can enjoy the good weather for as long as you want.

Ahh, what a great peek at this years introduction to the new outdoor furniture! It is getting me so excited to see the perfect weather rolling in, enjoying some time with Jason after finals at his master program are over, and walking through the park. Though making a beautiful space in our backyard to spend time in isn’t a current possibility, it is so nice to imagine how our little house will look one day. I hope you have enjoyed looking at the new Spring lines as much as I have!

I would love to hear from you in the comments! If money was no issue, where would you go first to shop for new outdoor furniture?

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