Every week, on Monday, I sit down at my desk, in front of my computer, and spend an hour (or more) getting inspired by interior design blogs, recent trends, cool architecture projects, and other pieces of the industry that draw my attention. By starting my week out this way, I end up feeling more motivated in my work and more inspired even by the work that I, myself, am doing. Since sometimes working with clients can take most of the inspiration I have on a long vacation, staying motivated by what I love is definitely an important part of my job. It’s good for me, and it’s good for my clients!

Each month, I choose a color theme, and in my bullet journal, put together a collage each week of that specific week’s inspiration. By choosing things I love, to keep me inspired all week, my work becomes more passionate and focused.

Source: Domino 35 Ways to Use Sage Green

This month, my color theme was green! I loved the trendy photos of green interiors in deep, romantic shades, and bright plants everywhere I turned. I also thought it was hilariously ironic that March’s color is green – for St. Patrick’s Day – anyway!

Let me walk you through the four weeks of inspiration that I found motivating me in my work all month. Photo sources are at the very bottom!

Week 1: Deep Green – Teal


Way more green to go! ⤵️


Color Swatch: SW 7623 Cascades

Deep Green is such a fabulous color. It is decadent and enticing, and is a bold choice for a room no matter what lighting it gets. Green often represents money and wealth, and deep green, in particular, looks even more expensive in indulgent finishes like velvet, and with glam finishes like gold. It can be brought back down to earth, however, with light woods and white, and brights plants in front of a deep green background really stand out.


Rooms filled with deep green can feel overwhelming, but that encapsulating feel can also envelop or cocoon a room, making it feel dark and intimate. Great for a sensual bedroom or a fearless bathroom (don’t forget the gold mirror).

Week 2: Bright Green – Plants



Color Swatch: SW 6451 Nurture Green
Color Swatch: SW 6740 Kilkenny
Color Swatch: SW 6447 Evergreens

The green inspired by plants and nature is not only about bringing bright color into a space – it is about filling a space with sunshine and life. Since plants are living and breathing, they bring a lively energy and relaxing reminder of nature into your space. Green is first and foremost the color of life, renewal, and nature, so plants help us connect to the outdoors, and also connect inside and outside spaces through association.


Adding plants to your home can be as easy as putting together a little terrarium, or placing some air plants in wall planters, and as over the top as creating an indoor jungle in your kitchen, hallway, or entryway – which creates a magical or fantastical quality. Since plants naturally clean the air, the more of them you have, the better your home’s air will feel. But even without a room full of plants, a bright green can bring lively energy, and a fun sense of life to a space.

Week 3: Emerald Green



Color Swatch: SW 6734 Espalier
Color Swatch: SW 6927 Greenbelt
Color Swatch: SW 6454 Shamrock

In my opinion, the most royal color out there is not “royal blue” but – emerald green. If I was queen, my whole life would be full of the decadent and inspiring color, and I feel like a queen when it is. Even one velvet chair or velvet ottoman in a room transforms the whole space, adding that peek of vividness and class.


Even since Emerald Green was Pantone’s color of the year in 2013, it has been hanging around in interior design. It has lasted through so many color trends that it may now be considered timeless – so feel free to use it freely in your home, especially in art, and in furniture pieces, because it is destined to be around for much longer.

Week 4: Peaceful Green – Sage



Color Swatch: SW 0015 Gallery Green
Color Swatch: SW 6194 Basil
Color Swatch: SW 6459 Jadite

If a color is named after a certain thing – sage in this instance – I love to look up the name sake, to see how it was so inspiring. I love the soft texture and slight blue undertone in sage, and can definitely see how such a calming color became so inspiring.


Sage green used to be used in a lot more traditional spaces, but its calming effects give everyone the sense of breathing the fresh air outside. It can make a bedroom the most relaxing place to wake up in the morning, a library fresh – without feeling stuffy, or a kitchen wonderful and breezy. A little darker, and sage green becomes and deeper gray green. This allows us to step back in time a little – feeling historic and nostalgic. This color comes from deeper in the woods, so adds a sense of mystery, but stays fresh and relevant.

Isn’t green great! I was so excited when I saw it all over my favorite sites and blogs, and brought into the new spring furniture lines. And since there are so many shades, everyone is destined to find one that really can inspire them on a day to day basis – right in their home.

I hope you were as inspired as I was! In the future, I will be writing a post to you guys every week after I have done my inspiration research, to keep you up to date! Look forward to next month:

April’s inspiration theme is neutrals!

You guys are my inspiration! Where do you find yours?


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