Here is the Color of the Week for the first week of April! It was definitely a selfish choice for me to choose neutrals as the theme for April. I just love the calm and relaxing effect that an all neutral palette brings to a room, and that focus it brings to textures and layering.

Gray has been a pretty steady fixture of the interior design world now for a while, so you may have a few gray rooms in your own house. Though the trends are turning to warmer grays and taupes, one of the classiest color combinations out there is gray and camel. Fortunately, bringing camel into your gray room not only is an easy addition, but pushes your “chic” factor to a whole other level.

Source: Simo Design

Contrast is really the most striking element in interior design. Though most people think about black and white in this situation, my favorite contrast is between other neutrals – specifically, cool and warm. The warm tones of camel, and the cool grays offer a perfect contrast to make a space feel slick and put together.


More Camel & Gray below! ⬇️

First off, a light camel & gray color palette is a soft, but impressive color palette for both an upscale modern or soothing, more traditional environment. The feel of the space depends entirely on the materials used, and the architecture of the space involved.

Camel & Gray also work perfectly with both off-whites and pure whites. Bright white will make a room with camel & gray feel modern and slick, while ivory or cream will make a room feel completely calm and natural. A calming color palette is easy to make feel earthy, with a lot of natural materials and layers of plants. Rooms full of soft textures, layers of light camel and light gray, and modern white bedding feel ultra luxurious.


Dark camel & gray has a very urban feel, and can even feel bohemian, when there are also layers of textures and global prints. Camel is usually brought into these environments in mid-tone leathers and other, similar toned woods. Terra Cotta tiling or accents, as well as soft fabrics in camel bring this tone as well.


Bringing camel into a gray room is as easy as including the warm tones of leather or wood, as well as the helping them contrast with white and even black. Layers of pillows bring interest, and accents of white, along with bohemian textures, really pop against the warm leather. Feel free to have fun bringing a darker gray color to your walls, while keeping the grays lighter within the room, to keep it feeling intimate, while still welcoming. Choose either bright white – for an ultra modern look, or off-white – for a cozy look to enfold the room in warm tones. Stick with one of them consistently throughout the room, to keep your color palette and feel uniform.

Here’s an easy addition to your gray living room or office – to add that wonderful camel leather, and brighten up the gray with modern bright white accented with black.

If you like this setup, feel free to check out my first week of Pillows of the Week for even more inspiration!


Whether you use this little setup, or find your own camel & gray in your life, by either incorporating camel into your gray room, or bringing both tones to life in any of the rooms in your house, this is definitely the color scheme to use for a warm, chic, modern room that feels alive in all lights and building types. It is so flexible it can fit into a multitude of styles – so let yourself find pieces you love while balancing the warm and cool!


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