Heavy in black, with warm wood tones, rustic leather, and hefty furniture, masculine rooms with dark colors carry a luxe, seductive quality that cannot be beat. My husband loves these deep, dark spaces, and although my aesthetic runs a bit more airy and feminine, I have come to appreciate the amazing aura that they carry.

A dark color carries a heavy weight to it, and since black is the darkest of colors, it weighs the most. In a room, it feels overwhelming without the right balance of warm woods, finishes, and architectural detail.

Source: Kathy Kuo Blog – How to Create the True Gentleman’s Bachelor Pad
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Balancing black in spaces can easily be done, but making them masculine at the same time requires a delicate balance of materials and color, along with a specific choice of contrasting colors. It’s best to know exactly what you want before you start planning, so everything can fit perfectly into the feel you are striving for. For a space with a wood focus, keeping a camel colored accent consistant throughout the room – in leather, terra cotta, and antique brass – and larger pieces that physically take up more space, making the room feel tighter and more intimate. It is also important to stick to a brighter white, rather than a off-white or ivory color, which would make your masculine room feel a little stifling, and earthy, rather than impressive and gestural.  For a gray focus in your black room, try bringing iron and glass in, for a more modern take on a classic loft look. Finishing it off with some concrete side pieces, and bringing large scale urban or street art inspired artwork will kick the cool factor way up. With a industrial focus, keep your pipework or ducts exposed, with brick and other architectural features brought into the spotlight. Mix wood and bright metals for a more raw look, with vintage inspired furniture pieces that look like they could have started life right in the same space you now live. 


Painting a black space is the hardest of them all. Since true black is impossible to replicate, especially in a space, I like to air on the side of not-quite, but almost black. Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty is an off-black and one of my favorites. Off the wall, it looks like a creamy charcoal, but in a room, it feels deep and dark, and looks good in any light. For an ultra-masculine blue-black, Soot from Benjamin Moore looks amazing in a semi gloss, all over your study or library. The detail in woodwork really makes this color come alive (just like the first photo in this post), while playing with the natural light. If you are looking for a high gloss black, Tricorn Black from Sherwin-Williams looks so good on a front door, or on a piece of highly detailed furniture for your dark and masculine study. If you plan to use black in your home, it is even more vital that you paint large swatches in your room, no matter what shade of black you choose, and be sure to observe them for at least a full week, so you can see it in any light, and hopefully, in many different weathers. It may seem excessive and frustrating to wait on a project for a few weeks, but the time will pay off, especially if you are deciding between several different amazing blacks, since they all make your room feel so different!

Bernard Khoury The N.B.K. Residence

These truly put-together spaces, with a hint of raw elements of the life that is lived there, are bring the term “bachelor pad” into a better light than ever before. Basing a space on black is a scary, daunting idea to have, but with the right pieces and a direct focus on what you want, you can turn your space into a experiential space that feels encompassing, luxurious, and comfortable.




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