Lately, I have been including the trend of task lighting in place of the traditionally shaped floor or table lamp, and my clients are loving it! Though I recommend them for the practicality of having lighting exactly where you want, my clients love how they look and feel in their space.

You may know the other name of a task lamp – desk lamp. These lamps provide directed light to a specific place on your desk, but can also be the perfect source of light for a favorite reading spot or bedside table. “Task lighting” is the interior designer’s way of explaining how to get enough light for the activities you plan on doing in each room. If you plan on reading or working, you will want different light than if you are just sitting and watching TV or in the kitchen making food. Thinking about what you want your lighting to help you do, will help you create a better environment for whatever you are doing.

It is super easy to fill your living room with soft, romantic light, while still giving enough light to read or work by without straining your eyes. And the best part is you don’t even need to turn your overhead lights on.

My clients not only love this lighting setup but love the trendy way task lamps look in their spaces. There are so many different styles, so it is easy to find one to fit into the feel of your home, and they all look modern and on trend, no matter which style you choose. They come in any finish and color you can imagine, and every style and shape.

Source: My Domaine – Inside the Living Room Makeover of Emily Henderson’s Editorial Director

Why it’s a great choice for any of your rooms ↓

Why they’re a great idea in your living room

When it is dark outside, creating a romantic reading corner is as easy as replacing one of your table or floor lamps with a task lamp. Acting almost as a spotlight, it gives you the light you need, in the right place, with a bit of a wonderful glow over the whole of the room. Paired with another floor lamp or two, or table lamp in another corner, it is just enough light to fill a small living room without the harsh overhead lights even getting turned on. I absolutely love sitting in the corner of the huge sectional in our living room with soft lighting all over the room, and a task lamp to help me read or work on my bullet journal. Just a simple change in light can make your living room feel cozy and serene, and you don’t even need to replace any furniture!


Why they’re a great idea in your bedroom

I love reading before bed – it is always the way I end my day, and gets me all ready to go right to sleep. But, I am always afraid of keeping Jason up or waking him up after he goes to sleep, since he is such a light sleeper. But since task lighting directs all of the light needed directly where you position your lamp, it is easy to read comfortably without too much worry about lighting up the whole room when you go to bed. You don’t have to worry about juggling the flashlight on the back of your cell phone either. A bulb with a softer glow and lighter light will also help you read while preparing you for bed yourself. A floor task lamp is also a great option in a reading corner for a quiet morning, just for you.


This style of lighting works for both masculine and feminine spaces too. Heavier, iron task lighting, with an industrial feel, is great for a masculine study, library, or a space with a loft feel, but choose a light that comes in white, bright nickel, or brass, and welcome it to your light, airy feminine bedroom. Because a task lamp has a more vintage feel, it works well in laid back situations, and also in more formal rooms, since you can choose the finish you need to finish your room so completely.

P.S. If you love this look, an articulated wall sconce is a great space saving option, with the same benefits as plugging in a task lamp.

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