Can you believe it’s May already! It is my favorite month – not only because it’s my birthday month, but because it ushers in the wonder of spring both outside and inside the home as well. This month’s color theme is: spring pastels in honor of my lifelong obsession with the pastels of tumblr, and the wonderful new florals and tones of spring!

Our first week is all about blush pink and its sultry tones, and how (and why) to include it in your home.

Nathan + Jac Wild Heart Living Room Pack


All blush pink, all love 💗 👇


Get me a pair of those wonderous sneakers, please!

Pink is actually, maybe even surprisingly, the most calming of all of them. A doctor in the 60’s found that a particular Pepto-Bismol shade of pink painted in drunk tanks and jail facilities make prisoners calmer and less violent. Whether or not this applies to all shades of pink may or may not be scientific, but I love how blush pink makes you feel when either added in a room or painted on walls throughout the space.

A light, grayer pink like this will not only meet the trend happening right now, but also bring a sense of peace and calm through your space, no matter what room it’s in.


In a bedroom, blush pink helps to make the space your own, bringing in a personal and cozy feel. It pairs gracefully with basically every neutral but streamlining your palette will add even more peace and calm. In a living room, a bold chair or ottoman will bring a corner to life, and a few more pillows in the style you wish will connect the whole space together.

Blush pink feels almost like a neutral when it’s paired with other neutrals throughout a room. It can also soften a room with an edgier or darker feel. In terms of style, it pairs naturally with formal, classical style in a living room or fills modern bedrooms with a feminine sense of beauty and relaxation. Blush can be added to a farmhouse with rustic woods, antiqued mirrors, and a slipcovered linen sofa, or make a girlie bedroom look more grown up with bright white shaker cabinetry and gold details. Special touches of acrylic or classic tufting, and materials like linen and silk make blush look incredible. It is also unique that it looks amazing – but unique – with different metallics. Copper brings out the pink tone, while making a room feel a little more amped up. Gold adds glam detail with a formal, more feminine tone.

Blush pink is an incredible addition to a home with trend-aware owners who love to make bold choices. There are so many incredible blush spaces out there, so for more inspiration, Pinterest search, or Google search brings up a ton of options to find what you like best.

I will leave you with a series of the loveliest and most calming of all inspiration: cherry blossoms. Nature’s best blush pink!


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