I’m going to share a secret with you – two of my favorite things in the world are the color purple, and bunny rabbits!


Architectural Digest / Jamie Drake


I have always said purple was my favorite color, but it wasn’t until recently that I really accepted that fully and started reaching for purple things in my life first. In my opinion, purple in interior design is definitely harder to include than almost any other color. It holds a very specific emotion in the space, and adds a reminder of the classic, formal history it holds.


18_NM Blog 25638-
One King’s Lane / Natalie Morales Living Room Makeover


More lovely lilac – more lucious lavender ⤵️


Because purple is such a classic color, more traditional shapes, and vintage silhouettes work best. Even if a modern piece is in a lilac color, there is always something a little more formal about the space with it included.


Maybe because it’s my favorite color, purple always seems like a no-brainer to me. Yes — purple. Duh — purple! But to be honest, the fact that purple always makes a room feel more formal and relaxing makes it a difficult color to include in a room.

Another thing that I love about purple is that it is just one step classier than blush pink. I think that blush pink is a super incredible color, but since it is so trendy right now, it is probably way easier to go out of style. Pastel purple adds the same feel, but has a more timeless quality about it.

There is an easy way to make pastel purple feel more modern though – just add a little gray to it.


An eclectic room definitely is a style that is more friendly to a lavender touch. Pastel purple can either stand out, or, subtlely blend into a rich color scheme. It goes perfectly with vintage pieces you find at your weekend flea market, or fits perfectly into a light, airy room of whites and creams. It also looks incredible on french styled pieces and that beautiful light, white-washed wood.

Because pastel purple – or lavender – or lilac – is that romantic, classic color, it looks most beautiful in feminine, lightly textured fabrics. Linen, or course, velvet, for a richer look, silk, definitely. Watercolor prints also emulate this feel, as well as bringing a watery and freeform feel.


A single piece of lavender furniture in a room, adds the feminine and romantic touch needed for a bachelorette’s bedroom, or an office that needs a touch of the beautiful. I suggest, for a focal piece, really going all out in the classic traditional style. A tufted, velvet, wing chair in lavender is an incredible addition to really make a reading corner stand out. A tufted, square, lilac ottoman with french legs in the center of an eclectic living room really adds the final touch of delicacy. Or even a single pastel purple pillow adds that romantic touch to your master bed in your bedroom.

archilovers / Centro Civico Polivalente

I hope you fall in love with pastel purple as much as I have always been! It was literally all over my tumblr when I was coming out of junior high, and though this classy pastel purple is definitely more of a challenge to find space in your home, it fits such a specific emotion and feel that is so special and beautiful.

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