Jason and I have probably the most different styles that we could possibly have. Jason would prefer a studio apartment penthouse with minimal furniture. He has a dark industrial aesthetic and likes simple materials, with natural accents, and like a little bit of lodge too! My favorite combination of colors of gray and gold, and I love feminine touches, vintage accents, and lots of architectural detail.

At least we both prefer neutrals right…


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As we think about owning a home sometime in the future – I want something historic and adorable, of course – we want to both feel like we belong, and can spend tons of time here, together. But as most homeowners know, combining styles is difficult and time consuming.

It’s important to me that even though my job is interior design, my personal style doesn’t take over our space. Because it’s ours together!

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First, breaking down styles to their basics are important. We do both like neutrals, so check there. Natural materials are important to both of us. Classic, vintage accents are important in both my style and his industrial spaces, and finally, something cozy but clean would make both of us most comfortable.

Since Jason does like touches of lodge design, rustic furniture pieces are something that wouldn’t normally be found with his style, but since it’s something he loves (and goes well with my style) I wanted to run with that.

Rustic, with historic details, cozy and clean – these are the basic building blocks of our style.

I have had kind of an enmity against farmhouse design for the past few years, but recently I have grown a healthy respect for the hygge-ish atmosphere, balance of natural materials, and black and white contrast.

So, though once upon a time I never would have said this, Jason and I have decided to aim our style at Industrial Farmhouse. Oh yeah!

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Katie Hackworth / Modern Farmhouse

Between us, there is a ton of potential conflict – about our home and life, and I think by deciding on our combined style early in our relationship, it can be one big thing out of the way. Though little decisions will come, a vision takes our future into the achievable zone.


Deep black accents contrasted with varying shades of white feels fresh and clean, allowing the varied shades of woods and other materials to act as the main neutrals in the space.

Using natural materials as the main neutral backdrop to these spaces makes the whole space feel relaxed and homey. I definitely want my home to feel lived in, and I don’t want anyone who walks into my house to feel like they can mess something up, or need to act reserved at all. If you come over, make yourself at home! For real.


I really want to start shopping at flea markets and other places to find jems like an incredible coffee table, or worn, hard wood pieces. Used pieces fill your home with history, don’t you think! I would also love to have a bookcase made of out of old crates, and a beautiful, old church pew in my entry.

But I also want to make my home my own, and not rely on the Pinterest tropes and typical “Farmhouse” stereotypes. I hope I have unique, eclectic pieces to truly make the space ours. Whimsical pieces that really make me smile every time I see them.

Rustic White

Wish us luck, guys! With years until our first home purchase, I think we can start collecting pieces that we absolutely love, but who knows where the future will take us! One thing about interior design is that it’s evolving at all times. Even a year ago I wouldn’t have wanted anything remotely farmhouse in my house, and here I am making those goals.

I think we can take the lesson, and allow ourselves to be flexible to time and shift and shape our home without worrying too much about anything else except that emotion that drives us forward.

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